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Reelmint is an experiment in user-driven inflation and token incentivisation.

Every spin burns the RMNT tokens wagered, every win or purchase mints new RMNT.

RMNT implements the ERC20 standard and is compatable with the rest of the ERC20 ecosystem.

The odds are setup so the expected payout is 1.0075 per 1 RMNT token, this means outside of the purchased tokens, spinning the reel causes inflation at a very slow rate


THIS IS A GAME and an experiment, PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK, I'm not responsible for any bugs affecting your gameplay. RMNT tokens have no value and cannot be redeemed for anything at the moment, they are game tokens, think local arcade :D. Since there's a vending machine with a fixed price (in ETH) and an infinite supply, these tokens can not logically go up in value. I'd love to see them used for things other than the slot machine, but that's for the community to decide.
The Ethereum smart contract is available at 0xcd4bdfa8141de6479aff23843fdb799e8ecfea9d

Good luck!

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